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Radiowave Safely Removes:
Moles, Skin-tags, Spider Veins, Thread Veins and Most Birth-marks


Immediately after

8 weeks after

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Dr Masani and Dr Jones at the Mayfair Practice in London are two of very few practitioners within the UK that use Radiowave for mole removal, which is a comfortable and quick procedure and is usually scar-free.
Under dermascope
Immediately After

The most important factor to consider is correct identification of the mole that is to be removed which both Dr Masani and Dr Jones will do by examining the mole under a Dermascope. Usually most moles are perfectly normal and harmless, if however there is any concern the removed mole can be sent to our laboratory where it can be analysed to rule out abnormalities and skin cancers for your peace of mind.

"I have several decades experience of Mole Removal without scarring which is most important when removing moles from the face". - Dr Masani
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Historically mole removal surgery would involve cutting the skin which would leave a scar, with Radiowave mole removal in London at the Mayfair Practice it is a fast and effective treatment to remove moles without the need to cut the skin. Get in touch to find out more.

Mole Removal: safe, effective and competitively priced here at The Mayfair Practice in London
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