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The most effective non-surgical treatment for the removal of moles, skin-tags, birthmarks and thread veins is with Radiowave technology, also known as Radiosurgery.

The mole removal treatment here in London at The Mayfair Practice involves a fine platinum wire, as thin as the human hair, to be electrically charged with radiowaves and brushed lightly over the area. This removes the layer of mole, skin-tag or birthmark and coagulates the blood vessels so that the wound does not bleed.

The procedure can safely remove Moles, Most Birth-marks, Thread Veins, Skin-tags and Spider Veins.

Examples of before and after treatments

Mole removal by radiowave safely removes unwanted moles quickly and effectively without scarring or the need for scalpels and stitches.

View some of the examples of treatments below.


Immediately after

8 weeks after

Skin-tags that cause irritation or are unsightly can be easily removed with Radiowave, and heal without scarring. Removal of skin-tags can be done anywhere on the face, neck and body. Treatment of thread and spider veins is done with a fine needle that is inserted into the vein and after two weeks of healing, they are no longer unsightly.

Skin Tag before

Skin Tag after

Historically mole removal surgery would involve cutting the skin which would leave a scar, with Radiowave mole removal in London at the Mayfair Practice it is a fast and effective treatment to remove moles without the need to cut the skin.

Mole on nose before

Mole on nose after

"I have several decades experience of Mole Removal without scarring which is most important when removing moles from the face". - Dr Masani

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